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Natural Resources Leadership Development Programs


In whatever line of expertise or specialization, the terms "leadership", "leadership skills", "leadership development", and "leadership training workshops" are among the hottest issues which are oftentimes tackled and emphasized. Most business firms hold leadership development programs which they are sure are needed much by their employees and also by themselves. Being in a position requires sufficient knowledge on leadership development and this is the main point of the leadership development programs. Being a leader does not only require from a person the strength of his physical being. His mental, spiritual, and emotional faculties must also work hand in hand.

The issue on the degradation of the natural resources is again another pressing truth faced by today's society. Everyone—both young and old—is exposed to the current condition of the natural resources. And the government is expressing its unending toil in calling the people to action in order to protect the natural resources. The truth is the natural resources are already neglected by several of today's people. They do not care if they cut down trees and turn the fields into commercial areas. This is the scenario which all of us are facing today. And isn't it depressing and bothering?

This is not the very first time that the term natural resources leadership development programs are mentioned. Several of these have already been conducted by the government to increase the awareness of the people regarding the modes of protecting and saving the natural resources from their dooms. Leaders of several organizations are the target audience of the natural resources leadership development programs. Through these leaders, the measures, pertinent information and insights that they will gain from the natural resources leadership development programs can be relayed to the members of their organizations. Protecting and saving the natural resources is a campaign that needs to be emphasized and supported by all the civics groups.

When attending natural resources leadership development programs, here are some valuable tips to ponder on:

Identify your own goals in the organization to see if these will jive with the goals of the to-be-conducted natural resources leadership development programs. It will be useless for you to attend this event if the goals of your organization have no connection with the aim of the program.

Have a quick review of your own and your members' values. Will they coordinate with the values expected by the facilitators of the natural resources development programs?

Clearly note that there is a big difference between the meanings of process and program. To mark a line in them, the program is an event that has a beginning and an end. The sessions in a program are likely to end. The by-product of the program is the inculcation of the goals and objectives of the event. On the other hand, a process has continuity. It exists for the reason of achieving the expected output. Learning then is a process that is achieved with the employment of practice and application too.

The same goes true with the meaning of training and then development. The training is the matter of acquiring a new skill whereas development is the act itself of enriching and then refining the existing skill within the person.

These tips are involved when going for the natural resources leadership development programs. Hence, it is vital to recognize their role to you.

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